by Scott Matthew

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The Wish 03:00
Abandoned 03:23
For Dick 03:40
German 03:33
White Horse 03:47
Ornament 02:45
End Of Days 02:56


While doing Interviews to promote his new album Scott Matthew's visiting his home country Australia that is ablaze: „The recent devastating fires have been a powerful confirmation of climate change and the way that is impacting every living entity on the planet.“ he says and thinks that governments refuse to take care of their citizens. It's enough to drive one to despair but Scott Matthew - well known for the melancholy in his music - takes the chance to raise his voice and to spreads his words of hope.

Scott Matthew, that's the bearded gentleman with the unforgettable voice. Scott's now resides in New York but still he calls Berlin his „safe place“. Matthew feels music. He lives music. Scott sings to his audience about love and loneliness until there's no way out. He's shelter to his people.

In the last few years Scott has taken an interest in history to understand the world around him: „I am interested in History a lot these days. Learning about the past helps make sense of the present and future.“ What if you've become famous for your understanding for sadness but still you want to look forward? What if the world outside is way too confusing for an introverted human being?

The idea for making 'Adorned' was to take some of Scott Matthew's original songs and re-imagine them. To dress them up in finery and have them re-enter the world with a new found confidence and attitude. A make over of sound and intention. „They have been adorned“ says Scott. In close collaboration with the Los Angeles based producer Jens Gad (Enigma) Scott Matthew worked out ten amazing new versions of his all time classics. They used the original vocal tracks, modified some guitars and other parts of the songs and added strings and beats. „This album may not be what people are used to with me. I urge people to have fun with it while listening. This is an experiment that will not solve the worlds problems but may temporarily alleviate them for a moment.“

Within the songs of 'Adorned' one can hear the new confidence and hope of Scott. No displacement anymore. „Adorn yourself in a robe of silk and velvet . Have a dance , have a cry . Connect to the past while moon walking into the future. Looking back while moving forward . Just try not to fall over while doing it as I have done on occasion . Though that may have been the red wine.“

Scott Matthew sticks to the old to believe in the new. Also he has a penchant for antiques he says: „Treasure hunting for precious objects from the past makes me incredibly excited and fulfilled.“ Eased and excited at the same time, that is how this new album full of old treasures sounds like.

The Wish is a song about the massacre in Orlando (June 12, 2016) when a single perpetrator invaded the Pulse club and shot 49 people dead, most of them members of the LGBT community. A few hours later Scott wrote the lyrics, expressing a sense of total powerlessness: „This is an assault against love / Still no-one helps, they just pray above / And I wish I could help / I wish I could have helped” he sings. „The feeling of helplessness was overwhelming and to be honest - still is today,“ Scott states. „The illogical need to keep us all in danger by not changing gun laws is a license to murder that has not stopped and will not stop.“ But he has found ways to help and so he's supporting the „Gays against Guns“ organization. „I need to know that things can change. It's been very difficult to keep that hope of late with what is happening in the USA. The most effective way to help is to vote. To not only vote with your own self interests in mind, but the interests of all minorities and underprivileged.“

This classic tune taken from Scott's debut album is all about solitude after a broken relationship. The loss of a partner that has promised to be something special and that has decided overnight to break this promise.

„I find live audiences there very present and respectful. They understand the balance of light and dark in my work.“ Scott wrote 'German' for his second solo album after staying in Germany for a longer while. The fictional character that is described within the song is close to Scott himself: A tourist with a broken heart, dancing to 80es music.

The song was released 2009 on Scotts' second album. He sang of a white horse is caged in his heart. Today the track sounds way more sensual and might remind one to Sade. If you ask Scott Matthew if there's still a white horse in his heart he says: „Yes but it's now an Andalusian dancing horse who has found a larger field to gallop in.“

About Scott Matthew:
Born in Queensland, Australia Scott started playing in several bands, quit his course of studies and founded the pop punk outfit Nicoteen. In 1997 he moved to New York where he met ex-Morrisey drummer Spencer Cobrin and together they released their debut EP as Elva Snow in 2002. Scott Matthew received a lot of attention in 2006 from John C. Mitchell`s film SHORTBUS. Besides the theme song 'In The End' Scott Matthew wrote five more songs performed in the film by himself and featured on the soundtrack. He also provided vocals for the soundtrack of the animation-serial GHOST IN THE SHELL (composed by YOKO KANNO). His self-titled debut was released in 2008. For his Christmas-EP SILENT NIGHTS (2008) he invited his Australian friend and meanwhile superstar SIA for a duet. In 2013 Scott Matthew released his cover album UNLEARNED. His personal hitparade. In a wide variety of songs he discovered, felt and worked out the emotional core with so much respect, that it becomes obvious, that these cover versions are not foreign songs at all, but in a way his very own, original material. His sixth studio album is titled ODE TO OTHERS (2018). With this album there is a departure from the subject of romantic love and the disappointments that can come from such endeavors. Instead this collection of songs pays homage to love in a broader sense. Honors are bestowed to family, friends and the mistreated both alive and deceased.


released May 15, 2020


all rights reserved



Glitterhouse Records Beverungen, Germany

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